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Car Brokers & OTA

Global Distribution Systems

Are you a Car Broker / OTA?

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Franchise & Affiliate Networks

Analytics & Yield Management

Accounting Systems

Wheels Car Rental System currently supports over 60 different accounting systems and the list is increasing monthly. The list below contains the most popular accounting systems; for more details, please contact your account manager.

Custom Systems

We have developed a wealth of custom based accounting interfaces that can meet your needs. Custom systems vary from web services, static files, xml etc and can be tailored in terms of content and structure to your needs.

Hardware Devices

Collections & Billing

Payment Gateways

Digital Car Rental


Fiscalization is a series of legislations designed to avoid retailer fraud. Fiscal law about cash registers has been introduced in countries to control the grey economy by enforcing all mandatory transaction reporting to the authorities. According to fiscal law, an appropriate fiscal receipt has to be printed and given to the customer.

* Connection through a third-party provider; charges by the provider may apply.

Surveys & NPS

Managed Fleet Services

Vehicle Data Providers

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