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“We help rental companies who are frustrated with the way they manage their rental operations and want to change to do better. The day-to-day power of Wheels ERP combined with WeYield’s innovative approach to organization transformation supported by its state-of-the-art yield management tools are key factors in the success of our common customers.” -Emmanuel Scuto, CEO and founder of WeYield

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Over twenty years of experience

“We are continuously investing in our research and development to provide customers with the tools they need to increase their end-to-end performance in the rental chain,” -Vassilis Devletoglou, CEO and founder of Wheels.
Wheels has enjoyed an undisputed reputation in the field of operational management systems for car rental companies and short and long-term fleet owners for over twenty years.
To go even further, and because the industry needs ever more performance in a world where fleet costs are rising and selling prices are weak, Wheels has partnered with WeYield, the recognized expert in yield management for car rental for the past 10 years.

Why choose
WeYield for Wheels Car Rental System?

Save time

No more repetitive tasks, we collect and process all your data.

Decide with confidence

Our tools achieve 94% reliability in a 30-day AI demand forecast horizon.

Simplify data analysis

User-friendly and visual interfaces to analyze and decide with clarity.

Fully Integrated

Two way integration with Wheels Car Rental System.

Powerful business intelligence architecture

What we like about them is that they have developed a powerful business intelligence architecture based on the data provided by Wheels.

The combination of the two worlds allows us to increase the level of operational and financial excellence of our clients. The sophistication of the decision support tools coupled with the power of artificial intelligence allows revenue managers to detect trends ahead of time.

This approach combines human support with the power of decision support tools at all levels of the rental company’s organization: from vehicle purchasing and fleet planning to the definition of its sales action plan in order to increase its financial margin.

Our partnership is based in shared values

But the strength of our partnership lies in the shared values that drive us. Excellence in customer service and a deep understanding of the constraints and optimization levers to be exploited are the hallmarks of both our companies.

Wheels is the leading player in the operational processing of rental data and WeYield is the leader in the transformation of organizations around Yield Management techniques proven for 30 years in the airline and hotel sectors.

Wheels Car Rental System Clients

Affiliate and independent

Car rental operators

New mobility

Car sharing operators / subscriptions

Large fleet owners / OEMs / dealer groups

Dealer rentals, corporate motorpools, B2B rentals, long-term, leasing

About WeYield

WeYield is the revenue management leader in the car rental industry. Based in France, it helps car hire companies, either franchisee of an international brand or independent operator, to transform their organization based on a yield management approach supported by state-of-the-art web applications tools.

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