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“Wheels has always been known to help its customers get access to the latest technology, focused on helping them make more revenue and with RevAI we are further pushing the envelope on how technology can help car rental operators perfect every possibility of making revenue. RevAI would start a new chapter in revenue management, by helping the industry move towards digital transformation and adopt Artificial Intelligence to create more accurate, always available and agile platforms aimed to not only find new revenue opportunities but also achieve that revenue.”

-Siddhartha Kothari, General Manager and EVP-RateGain

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Why choose
RevAI for Wheels Car Rental System?

Transform to a digital pricing strategy
Better understand pricing trends in newer markets
Additional data points for a changing travel environment
Two way integration with Wheels Car Rental System

Wheels Car Rental System Clients

Affiliate and independent

Car rental operators

New mobility

Car sharing operators / subscriptions

Large fleet owners / OEMs / dealer groups

Dealer rentals, corporate motorpools, B2B rentals, long-term, leasing

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