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Lines blurring between top tier and second tier car rental companies… and the opportunities created

I’m THINKING this morning about what happens when TOP TIER #carrental companies start purchasing USED CARS from the auctions… what is the chain reaction?

One thing that happens is that the LINE BLURS between the top tier and the SECOND TIER car rental companies: everyone has higher mileage cars. At that point *brand differentiation* becomes even more important.

What makes your clients HAPPY?
-Do they want to zip through the lines with tools like REMOTE SIGNING via their phone?
-Do you need to offer more convenient ways to pay like PAYPAL?
-Do you have innovative ways to reach your clients through your AFFILIATE program or software platform?
-Are you leveraging #carsharing technology for REMOTE lots to put inventory closer to your clients?

What else happens when inventory is THIS TIGHT?
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Originally on LinkedIn inspired by this Axios article

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