Ford commits to 8 billion additional EV funding, new models

Ford puts another 8 billion into new EV funding. CONGRATULATIONS to Ford Motor Company for #listening to their customers and accelerating the #transition.What can you do to TURN the CORNER?It’s ...
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CNN Reports Hawaii travellers renting U-Haul trucks due to rental car shortage

Did you know that with Wheels Car Rental System you can connect your local or airport sharing or rental business to all the online travel booking sites, ...
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Is your dealership losing $115 per car per day?

If the average RENTAL CAR in town is $150 per day, but your DEALERSHIP is billing the manufacturer $35 per day for a LOANER car, ...
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Lines blurring between top tier and second tier car rental companies… and the opportunities created

I’m THINKING this morning about what happens when TOP TIER #carrental companies start purchasing USED CARS from the auctions… what is the chain reaction? One thing that ...
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Car rental consumers seek untraditional sources for supply

This is the FIRST NEWS ARTICLE I’ve seen that mentions #carrentals from NISSAN and TOYOTA DEALERSHIPS as CHEAPER alternatives, to car rental companies, along with the attention ...
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